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Greetings from Nashville


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Happy to find this forum.

I work as a session player/arranger/producer/composer.
I often go for long stretches where I don't use VI and then have to get my head back in it.
Very useful information here!

Studio E

Eric Watkins
Welcome! I visit Nashville occasionally and it's a favorite destination for me. I've been fortunate to see the inside of Blackbird, The Tracking Room, and 1979. It's also an amazing culture of positivity from what I've experienced.


Welcome! I lived in Nashville for a year back in 2004, writing and of course co-writing. Great times, great city!


Jim Daneker
Welcome John! You’re one of those people whose name I’ve heard for 25 years here in town and for whatever reason, we’ve never crossed paths. Anyway, the door’s always open, virtually and, um, really?!



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Welcome John! My wife and I are thinking about moving to Nashville for a variety of reasons. Who knows if we'll really do it, but will be visiting family there and looking around at a few houses. Any words to the wise about neighborhoods etc? First thoughts are East Nashville, or something by the river or lake/walk to get coffee (intravenous if possible)/room for a studio in a back house/converted garage?
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