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Greetings from Florida!


Student, Composer
Hello, everyone! I've been lurking for a couple of months, so I thought it apt to make a formal introduction post!

My name is Michael Sutherland, and I am a composer (and college student) based in Florida!
I am a primarily self-taught (through textbooks) composer, though I have some classical piano training, and have recently begun taking private music theory lessons. I make a lot of sample instruments (EXS24), and hope to find the time to post them on here for you lovely folks at some point or another!

Some work of mine:
Hybrid orchestral - Trio for A. Sax, Piano, and Nylon Guitar -
Right now, I'm hoping to get some work done for my portfolio in time for graduate admissions. In the long term, I would like to be composing for games and other media in Japan.

I'm still a noob!

Thank you very much for having me,
Michael Sutherland


Student, Composer
Are you a music major? Which school are you attending?
Unfortunately, I am not a music major (I am aware how this affects things), as my piano skills are not up to standard for the audition. However, I have been allowed to take some relevant courses, and have had pieces performed at the College of Music here at FSU, where I am a rising senior (Psych with minor in Japanese).

After some networking with professors at other universities, and meeting with several profs here at FSU, I was told that it would be a mistake not to apply to grad programs. So while I am aware of my position, I am certainly hopeful! (Apologies for the over-justification!)

I see you're based in Miami, closer than many on this forum! Nice to meet you!
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