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Greetings from Finland

Discussion in 'INTRODUCE Yourself' started by Reaktor, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Reaktor

    Reaktor Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    One more Finn joining here!

    I'm 32 year old music hobbyist from Mikkeli. I'm a bit of a multi-instrumentalist, having played drums for around 15 years, guitar more or less for the same time and spening couple of years playing piano. I'v been messing around with VST's & sequencers since 2000 and used to work as a DJ for about five years. I'm currently working as software developer.

    During DJ years I introduced myself to world of VSTs and produced few hard house / trance-tracks. Since then I'v been enthusiastic for sound processing, mixing and all sorts of endless-knob-twisting-and-slider-sliding. My choice of weaponry has been FL Studio, which I have grown into over the years.

    To name a few artists which have influenced during the years: Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Moonsorrow, Cara Dillon, Hyacinth House, Anathema, Zircon... and many more from all genres of music.

    Lately I'v been pulled towards movie- & game soundtracks / soundscapes. I came up with V.I. Control via Bengt Nilssons interview article (to which I bumped after hearing excellent Johan Falk -soundtrack!) and that article lead me here.

    Hope to get to know you fellow users and get some composing tips :)
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  2. mc_deli

    mc_deli n trepreneur

    Feb 22, 2015
  3. Pedrero Rey

    Pedrero Rey New Member

    Jul 10, 2015
    Cool Reaktor, any soundcloud/youtube link to hear of?
    Greetings from Barcelona! :)

    Sorry to answer late.
  4. sekkosiki

    sekkosiki Senior Member

    Jan 14, 2014
    Morjes! Welcome! Nice to meet Finns here :)
  5. Resoded

    Resoded Erik Wallén

    Sep 27, 2011
    Welcome to the forum nieghbour! Moonsorrow, finally someone other than me that knows the band and likes what they do. :)
  6. OP

    Reaktor Senior Member

    Jul 7, 2015
    Thanks for making feel welcome. Nice to see few finns reside here too.

    Pedrero, I took almost 10 year break from composing. My DJ years were back in 2000-2004 and most of my electronic tracks are from back then. I might have few stashed around some where in deep corner of my harddrive. I did have few bands back then and I played guitar and drums too (since 98).

    After 2004 I mostly studied guitar and finally got my second edrum set put together around 2008-2011. I have liked both metal and dance music, but mainly at that period I spent on drumming and learning progressive picking on guitar. Our son was born four years ago and back then I was working 24/7... three years passed without having any inspiration (or time) to play at all.

    I think it was around spring 2014 when I became inspired by both Moonsorrow ("Huuto", anyone?) and Zircons previous album. I just had to grab my old Yamaha and start messing around with VSTs once again. It had been almost 10 years from the last time.

    It was a kind of strange moment, but I recognized I was becoming more and more attracted by large soundscapes (such as in Huuto), folk music (Cara Dillon, Blood Of Chucwhatwasit) and VGO (Play etc). I really wanted to explore orchestral composition more and by an accident (that Jonah Falk soundtrack + interview) I stumbled here.

    It's been a great journey, and somehow I'm thinking it's only just about to start! :)
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  7. tokatila

    tokatila Senior Member

    Mar 6, 2014
    Greetings from southern Finland!
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  8. JPQ

    JPQ Senior Member

    Jul 31, 2010
    Wellcome also here i know its years ago posted but i also form Finland.

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