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Andreas T.

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Hello fellow musicians!

My name is Andreas and I am a video game music composer. I am from Greece but I've recently moved to U.K. to pursue my career.

Creating orchestral music, guitar-driven music and, sometimes, chiptune stuff is what I would like to believe I am competent enough. Even though I have just finished with my very first video game gig, I plan to enter the music licensing world in the near future and I feel very excited about that as well.
Before moving to the U.K., I used to arrange Greek music for small orchestras and ensembles (mainly consisting of children) and organised charity concerts in various cities of Greece.
In my free time, I like to transcribe retro game music and arrange it mostly for orchestral instruments in Sibelius.

Really happy to be a part of an active community of musicians! I hope I will be able to add some value in this group while learning from the most experienced of you out there. I wish luck and wisdom to all of you!

Cheers and thank you!


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Welcome patrioti! Good luck in UK and in your music journey for games and licensing :)
Would you mind sharing some links to hear the music for the game?
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