Greatest appreciation to nektar support!


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My GREATEST appreciation to Nektar support! The faders of my Panorama P6 keyboard began to work very strangely. One of them had a sort of an "exponential" curve, no more linear. I contacted Nektar support, and they suggested an total hardware reset of the keyboard, that however did not solve the problem. At this point, they sent me a replacement for the faders board. I opened the keyboard, changed the board in a breeze and now the keyboard is working normally, as new!



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The fact that @bosone could do this for himself, instead of sending the whole thing back to Nektar, suggests that this is a well-engineered product.

I'm not hearing anything bad about Nektar's reliability either.

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Had a similar issue with motorized fader on a P4 on a second hand unit and still, Nektar sent me a replacement board for free, with constant mail exchange to know if I managed to fix the issue.
Best customer support I ever experienced !

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Second that. I accidentally broke the USB port on my LX61 (100% my fault) and they shipped me a replacement part for free. They should definitely be recognized for going above and beyond for their customers.


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I am glad that people are having nice experience with Nektar! :)
my only complain with them is that they never worked on an integration with Cakewalk! :D