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Graphics Card’s memory


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What is the appropriate Video card Memory for a Windows computer (xeon 12 cores) with 2 display monitors: a 4k/60Hz (100% size)and a 1440p monitor? Would 2GB video memory be enough? I have a Nvidia gtx 1050 - 2 GB card (small footprint). Should I upgrade to a beefier card, 4gb or even more? I run Cubase 10 and Vienna Ens pro only.
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I would only upgrade if you see issues. The memory is mostly for gaming and graphical applications. It shouldnt take that much to drive those displays.


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2 GB is enough for my iMac running the built-in 5K (5120x2880) and external QHD (2560x1440) displays.
With a GTX 1050, you're fine!
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