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Going back to Komplete Kontrol in Cubase - How many Instances + Question about Keyboards

Paul Jelfs

Senior Member
Hey there,

Having sold a Keyboard I no longer needed , I am thinking about going back to the Native Instruments S49 / A49 MKK2 + Komplete Kontrol , hosted via Cubase.

I did have the MKI when it came out, but back then more than a few instances of Komplete Kontrol seemed to either Crash or cause funny behaviour in Cubase.

I have Cubase 10.5 - does anyone use multiple KK VSTs that can comment on how many you can use before it starts behaving weirdly.

The last question was whether the A49 Komplete Kontrol keyboard allows you to MIX in Cubase, as I think the S49 MK2 Does.

It would be nice to have those lovely screens, but if you have it on your PC anyway, its really the mapping system and CC Automation / Pre set up midi controls that would be a time saver and benefit my workflow.

That reminds me - Do the Komplete Kontrol S49 etc record MIDI Automation to the Midi CC Lanes, or to the main window Automation ?

I much prefer working with Midi CC within the part, than having it on the project window for Midi anyway.


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