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Giallo/Morricone 70s-type soundtrack attempt thing

I started this just as an exercise, both in instrumental writing (I'm a singer-songwriter so usually have words to structure things aroudn), but finishing (ish) it took ages - just wondering how it sounds to people who haven't listened to it 1000 times, feedback welcomed...

Main VIs used were VSL dimension strings (which take a looong time to arrange I find) and a bit of SE woodwinds oboe, NI 70s drummer and rickenbacker bass, Monark and Keyscape (which is ace for this era).


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I enjoyed it! Maybe the drum kit is taking up too much space in mix or is too punchy, if you are going for a more lush sound. It all comes down to preference in the end. As a first time listener, I get a heavier, more busy groove oriented vibe, almost like a rock track, as opposed to a more textural composition. I can't say I wasn't digging it though!


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Hahaha thats great! You nailed that nostalgyc 70´s mood! Congratulations, fantastic track


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Thanks both, I agree that the drums are maybe a bit dominant, not sure if that's because I overplayed them or the way they're mixed. Definitely still some rough edges to smooth out with the whole thing, but I'd got to the stage where I couldn't really hear it any more so it's good to get some other opinions... Was planning to do a few of these but the mix has taken so long that I think the next one will end up being a lot more simple!
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