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Get_font_id (custom PNG fonts) problem (Kontakt 6.4.2)


Hello everybody,

i am using this online tool...

...to create custom fonts for the new Kontakt feature "get_font_id".
However, i still don't get it completely.

To be precise, my problem is the following.
Once i create a font using the above mentioned website, it delivers a PNG that i can use in Kontakt.
That does work fine!

However, once i load it into Photoshop (for changes, colour-changing, fx etc.) and save it back - in Kontakt i only get garbage anymore:

Now at first i thought it was my mistake because of accidentally changing the red coloured dots because of effects applying and stuff, but:
Even if i only load the PNG into Photoshop and save it straight back without any modification - the above destroyed font interpretion is the result.

I tried it with Photoshop CS2 and the latest Photoshop version as well. But no matter how hard i try - the result ist always the same: garbabe.

I also noticed that the file sizes do change, whenever i re-save that custom font PNG. But then i tried different PNG compression algorithms, interlacing yes/no and still the same.

Can anybody enlighten me here? Am i missing a special trick?

Thanks so much in advance.


KSP Wizard
Actually PS won't export PNGs properly. You will need to use SuperPNG extension to save a proper PNG.

You have to make sure to enable the "Clear transparent" option when saving with it.

Also note if you change the width of the PNG, it will not show up properly in Kontakt anymore until you reopen it. Sucks, but that's how it is.


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I have a problem as well: When I try to use the "get_font_id" function it returns a syntax error, with no further specification what is going wrong. I am a total KSP newbie so help would be much apprechiated :)
I found an older thread where "EvilDragon" provided a font-changer Instrument. When I open the instrument it works fine, however if i try to copy the exact same script into a new Instrument it returns the syntax error!

For reference:


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Anyone know an alternative to SuperPNG? It wont work with PS 2021 for whatever reason. Even if theres something out there that I can save a PNG to the correct PNG format would be awesome.
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