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Garritan CFX vs. Noire. Does anyone have both?


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cfodeebiedaddy, thanks for the mentioning of these alternatives, I am looking into it here now in the morning hours. The best grand and the best upright pack.

a) The NI Noire + The VI Labs Modern U seems to be a great package and I am evaluating it, especially the "romantic preset" of the sampled Yamaha U3 Upright, which is more the non-grand upright sound I am looking for (auto from 16:42)

VSL Bösendorfer Grand Upright $125 + VSL Vienna CFX $255
The 4 Vouchers, pay for 3+1 from Vienna makes up a great offer, and I am evaluating this too. Being unsure if the Bösendorfer intimate would give me the same delicate sound in the romantic preset in Modern U. The intimate preset (auto from 2:01)

Having inputs from all of you professionals; makes me almost feel like a music student; and I am doing this comparison from the best of advice and the broadest of comparisons.
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So far, the sound I like best from the Bosendorfer upright is just with the main mic! That's pretty 'delicate'! Something to be aware of with the VSLs is that the presets (at least for the instruments I own) kinda suck - they're all chock-full of ambience. From my playings with it so far, I think the Bosie would get you in the ballpark of the clip you linked to from Simeon's demo, though it might not be so full-sounding right out of the box. VILabs really did an amazing job with their upright - honestly, both theirs and the VSL upright are so good I can't imagine being disappointed with either. They're different flavours, but they're both delicious!


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Not to stir the pot again on this older thread and not to take anything away from the Garritan CFX or any other library....but I just finished playing/revisiting NOIRE again after not playing it for a long time and it’s absolutely badass.

Responsive: Check.
Rich overtones/release samples (big factor in achieving realism!): BIG check.
Versatility: Can turn into Keyscape one day then into VSL CFX the next day.

Ok I’m done. Bye.
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