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Gain Staging (VSTi)


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Is it okay to use a gain plug-in on every VST instrument channel for purposes of gain staging (even if this means 60+ instances?).

Will this impact on CPU resources?

Is this best practise?


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Hornet's VU Meter MK3 is an awesome little tool for quick gain staging. It's very inexpensive and not resource intensive, and I think may still be on sale (they have lots of sales).

But I don't use a gain plugin until I'm done with the MIDI and have rendered to audio, so it wouldn't be many instances across VSTis, but only many instances on the rendered audio tracks. And I only keep the MK3 on until it does it's thing, then I reprint the audio with the new track levels.

This video explains one way of doing it:



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I've seen some mixers do this with recorded material. But why would you need to with VIs, they all have their own volume knob anyway.
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