G-Player and Windows 10

Is anyone using Soundlib G-Player under Windows 10? It looks like a good solution to enable me to use my Gigastudio libraries with Pro Tools 12. But Windows 8 is the latest version their website lists.

I am currently running GS3 on a 2003 Dell Dimension; amazingly, it's still working but obviously that will not last forever. I been testing Linuxsampler and it appears to work fine with Reaper using VST. No AAX support, though.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share.


Hey all, can anyone chime in and say whether or not G-Player is still cool with Windows 10? There have been some big updates over the past year and Soundlib still hasn't updated their website to reflect official support for Windows 10, so I just want to make sure.


Sock Muppet
Big updates to Win10 or big updates to G-Player? I'm still using it with Win10 though I don't think we've updated Win10 in a while.