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Funk RnB Cover - Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)


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Hi there,

I thought I'd share something I did on a little break for fun, a few weeks ago, reharmonasing Ed Sheeran's hit "Shape of You" acapella, now in funk/RnB.

All the instrumental parts are virtual:
- Ekeys: Neo Soul Studio Keys (thanks @GospelMusicians for releasing that inspiring instrument!!!).
- Drums: Addictive Drums 2.
- Subtle Perc: Stylus RMX (a bit of tambourine and congas).
- Synth Bass: serum (and a bit of trillian).
- Subtle pad: omnisphere.​

I had a lot of fun! Thoughts?

Thanks for listening! :)

Vanessa G.


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Great vocals, octave singing and production on them (really cool sound towards the end)

Thanks for your comment, although, I have to say the vocal production was already "built" into the acapella I had.... So, I don't want to take credit for it when it's not something I have done... :)

I did work on the instrumental arrangement and programming.

Thank you for listening! And thanks @novaburst for your comment too! Appreciated! :)
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