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[fundraiser] vi control celebrates 2015 annual spring fundraiser! huge sample library giveaways! big


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Congratulations to all winners and Chriss, get well soon!!!

However, winners are we all with this great forum! :)



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Also want to say a special thanks to Chriss Ons for all his contributions here and to music in the schools. Hope you're feeling better soon, Chriss.

Thanks also to Olajide Paris, Emmett Cooke for his book and to Sam Gossner for the beautiful harp!


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I didn't expect to win anything at all to be honest, but I guess luck does strike sometimes. Congratulations to everyone present on this forum! Much appreciation and regards to anyone involved in the well being of this wonderful forum and community!


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Oh... My.

I think I need a rebreather right now!

Wow. I don't even know what to say.
So: Thank you! You guys are amazing!!!!


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Second prize — WOW! Thanks so much to vi-control and to Spitfire. I haven't yet used any SF libraries, but I have a feeling this will create a new loyal customer.


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I thought the deal for the harp, ebook, and coupon was pretty good. Thanks to everyone involved in contributing to the forum's value and for making this huge giveaway possible!
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Ooh I won!
Lovely harp and perc too.
This place has saved me so many hours and dollars over the past few weeks. Thanks VI.

As Curtis so sagely (and grammatically incorrectly) said: "we're a winner" ;)


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Wow, first time I win anything on these kind of things. :)
Thank you and long live VI!!



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I didn't expect to win anything, but sometimes I get lucky too... but not in this giveaway :D. Congratulations to the winners!


I didnt expect nothing either(but we can dream), but i wanted to help since i am new here :)

btw, Perc+ is a nice library. Really liked it! couldnt try the harps yet.


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Thanks ! I got one.
I entered in several giveaway, may be up to 50 times, and never got any. This is quite a big one that I got. :shock:


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Thanks to Frederick and all the developers. Very generous and long live VI. I'd like to chuck my prize no.16 back in to the pot as I have it already if that's allowed.

Cheers, Patrick.


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60. Alan Blattberg
Do I read this correctly to say that I will soon be diving headlong into

Evolution World Percussion 2.0 (value $479)

Wow — that is a particularly attractive library. I'm a little speechless . . . but will try to express myself percussively.....

VI-C is a wonderful place, and I'm excited to see what VI-C: The Next Generation will look like. Regardless, there's an awful lot of talented and knowledgeable folks sharing their views and experiences in this forum, and I'm grateful for it!!! All of the developers who contributed to this fundraiser did a great thing for a great cause.

Special thanks to Frederick — LONG MAY YOU RUN!!

I don't know what's going on with Chriss Ons but, whatever it is, I hope that Chriss gets all better really soon. I've just started digging through Perc+ and it's very impressive.


To Fred, the developers and this community: Thank you very much. Really looking forward to 2.0! Chris O, wishing you a speedy recovery!

Przemek K.

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Wow, I won:) received Heavyocity Master Sessions: Ethnic Drum Ensembles Collection.
Thank you Frederick and you guys from Heavyocity. o-[][]-o
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