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[fundraiser] vi control celebrates 2015 annual spring fundraiser! huge sample library giveaways! big


Matthew Kilford
$50 Just donated
This forum has been an absolute Darwin send to me this year.
Thanks in advance for anything I receive in my inbox


Emotion is my craft.
Glad to have been able to finally make a contribution. May this forum live forever!

Mr Whipple

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Just wanted to be clear, when you posted this, you meant add the libraries to the drawing, and not to the $50 donation:
We've had several developers chime in to add their libraries:

* Evolution World Percussion 2.0 (value $479)
* Samplelogic XOSPHERE
* Samplelogic ARPOLOGY
* Samplelogic BOHEMIAN (Brand New Release! You saw it here first! Available Soon)
* Fluffy Audio AURORA
* Fluffy Audio MY PIANO
* Fluffy Audio MY VIBES
* Heavyocity DM-307
* Heavyocity Master Sessions: Ensemble Drums Collection
* Heavyocity Master Sessions: Ethnic Drums Collection

Also checked out the Remote Orchestra thing, that seems like an awesome idea, but they've already sold out all the strings, limited to woodwinds and brass sessions. They could probably do that monthly, and sell out. o=<


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Long live vi-control and its righteous king Frederic! :)
Also a big thanks to the noble knights, the moderators.



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Donated! Thanks for creating a great forum and a definite go to place for whats new, libraries, and an awesome community!


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I donated right at the beginning of the fundraiser, but I've gotten at least 6 more fundraising letters. Er- whattup?
I would also like to have VI-C 2.0 being that intelligent, in order to remove donators from the repeated mailing...
I have a terribly bad memory, so everytime I get the fundraising email, I'm almost pressing the donate button, and thinking oh wait, I might have pressed the donate button this year already :D


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I'm in, too. When I found out about the fundraiser it was about time to say "Thank you!!!" for this fantastic forum after years of reading without even being registered. Feels right to give something back now.
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