Fun, short orchestral piece...


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Great writing, balance, expression and flow.
I love it, especially the idiomatic phrases and voicings.
Thanks for sharing!!!
Ben E

Ben E

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Your writing is the star. But What string and perc libraries are used here?
Thank you, Kevin. The strings are Spitfire Chamber Strings and the percussion is the Spitfire Joby Burgess library.
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Hmmm to be honest, to me the sound of it is pretty good, also the orchestration / blending of instruments. But the composition, I don't know, it sounds so random, nothing remains in my memory. It sounds like it wants to imitate those Hollywood family comedy music pieces, but it only succeeds in copying the sound very well. I don't hear any vision in the music, it sounds like just noodling around (admittedly on a very complex level).

Vladimir Bulaev

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Great orchestration. Everything sounds convincing.
Thanks for sharing. Post more often, otherwise we rarely listen to something really interesting.