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Full Cubase pro 10 - 50% off starting today lol!


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Hi starting today Steinberg is offering 50% on cubase pro 10. The offer is on for a month till june.
Good timing for any tight ppl out there who don’t like paying full whack on anything!
Time to purchase for me!


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Crossgrade is 169€ holy shit. I don't know if I need this, I like my FL very much but it's a very tempting price. Gonna download the demo and see if Cubase is better for me.

Tony M.

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Damn, i use FL too but i hesitated to pass on Cubase or DP, so now i hesitate to crossgrade or buy full price...

Tony M.

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It IS a DAW exchange. They hack into your system and delete your old DAW off your system drive and then force the developer of the old DAW to no longer honor your serial or activation codes. :P
Don't laugh dude, I thought it was something like that... I'm a little naive I think... :rofl:


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Dang, FL used to always be excluded from Crossgrade.
That's one hell of a sweet deal.
And FL works great as a VST in Cubase as well, so total win.
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