For Sale FS: UVI libraries (PSound Accordions + UVI Mayhem of Loops)

Mark Schmieder

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Please note that there is an iLok fee of $25 per license, maxing out at $50, in addition to the individual library prices. Unlike other sales, I am not including this in my price, due to how the fee maxes out after two simultaneous purchases.

To save on iLok fees, also see my newer ad that includes products from other vendors (such as SONiVOX) that use the iLok system.

The following UVI Workstation libraries are still available:

UVI Mayhem of Loops -- the best loop collection I've ever heard -- costs $100 new; asking $27
PSound Bandoneon AA
-- Alfred Arnold (Germany, 1950’s) -- costs $50 new; asking $9
PSound Vintage Accordion
-- Castelfidardo (Italy, 1960’s) -- costs $100 new; asking $21
PSound World Musette
-- France, Italy, USA, Eastern Europe -- costs $80 new; asking $16

Of course, further discounts apply to all bulk deals, but by now these prices are already heavily marked down. Note that Mayhem of Loops has 8000 loops and is unique vs. other loop libraries; a must-have if you use loops (I don't, except on one "spoof" song, so I'm done with this library).

I sold another PSound library last year. These small vendors can be a bit slow, but sometimes contacting UVI gives the right push to speed things along, even if they don't manage the third-party license directly.

Please note also that I have a separate ad for SONiVOX and other vendors that use the iLok system, so it is advisable to bundle as many as you want at once, as the iLok fee maxes out at $50 but can be a burden on a la carte sales.

In general, if there are any products on your search list that require iLok, please contact me via the forum conversation feature, so that I prioritize evaluating those products for review. There are far too many for me to have time to run through them all now vs. gradually over time, but I do want to help people avoid paying multiple iLok fees over a bunch of transactions that span months.
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You have to ignore the incomplete "products" dropdown menu and just click "products" to see Scoring Piano, Simple Jazz Bass et al.


Hello Mark,

We are alive and active (we just posted a news in the commercial section few days ago)! What bothers you at the point of doubting our existence?

If you scroll down our site you'll see all the products listed as usual. The dropdown is "incomplete" to mark some specific products.

There is no log-in section on our website, you just buy the product you like, and you get a mail with the links. If you don't have access to those links (they expire) send us a mail and we'll renew them anytime.

Simple Jazz Bass and Simple Violin are not free. In general, our "Simple" series is a collection of instrument made at a affordable price, with a good sound quality, that has a low footprint for quick use.


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For those of you eyeing this list who don't know him: Mark was GREAT to deal with. I bought the SWAM flutes and he went out of his way to make sure everything went smoothly and quickly. A pleasure to deal with.
Mark is amazing to deal with and truly a blessing! highly recommended for anything and very honest guy all around! thanks mark for all your efforts its awesome!


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Soundiron resales are a tough one. No one wants to pay full price for them, but the 15% transfer fee is on the full price (25% on kontakt player libs)....not your sale price.

For example....Mercury boys was 40% off $400 on BF. Thats $240. However....from watching other resales seems tough to get more than $120 total for it. 60 of that goes to SI leaving you 60....max.

Mars and Venus are near impossible to sell because APD keeps packaging each of them with 5 other SI libs for $99. So even if you can get $99 for them....60 goes to SI leaving you with $40 from a lib that sells for $400 reg.

I guess its better than nothing. Im stuck with Spitfire Studio Woodwinds.....which i hate and cant get a penny back on. At least with SI you get a few bucks back.