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FS: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (Rhythm & Robot) - WITH CASES!

Selling my beloved Pocket Operators. Unfortunately I need the money for other ventures, otherwise these tiny little things are awesome! I love how flexible they are, in being able to program your own sequences, and sync them together through a single cable. They also sound GREAT when recording DI to an interface! If you're looking to venture into hardware, this is a fun way to start. I'll attach some videos of demos.

For Sale:

Pocket Operator Rhythm (PO-12) w/ Silicon Case - $65 (Retails for $88)

Pocket Operator Robot (PO-28) w/ Silicon Case - $75 (Retails for $94)

Both of these are in EXCELLENT working condition, and have been lightly used in my studio, and stored in protective cases when dormant. If you buy them both, I'll cover shipping costs :)

Let me know if you have questions, or would like photos, I'm happy to provide them.

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