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For Sale FS: Soundiron libraries, Oxford Dynamics (plug-in), UVI Falcon libraries, UVI Workstation libraries

Mark Schmieder

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For Soundiron libraries, you'll need to scroll down a bit (for now), to see a list of available libraries.


Please note that there is an
iLok fee of $25 per license, maxing out at $50, in addition to the individual library prices. Unlike other sales, I am not including this in my price, due to how the fee maxes out after two simultaneous purchases.

The following Falcon library is still available:

Spectre -- costs $40 new; asking $10

The following UVI Workstation libraries are still available:

IRCAM Solo Instruments -- costs $400 new; asking $100
PSound Bandoneon AA
-- Alfred Arnold (Germany, 1950’s) -- costs $50 new; asking $15
PSound Vintage Accordion
-- Castelfidardo (Italy, 1960’s) -- costs $100 new; asking $30
PSound World Musette
-- France, Italy, USA, Eastern Europe -- costs $80 new; asking $25
Waveframe Sound Collection
-- costs $80 new; asking $20

Of course, further discounts apply to all bulk deals, but by now these prices are already heavily marked down.


I accidentally bought a second copy of Sonnox Oxford Dynamics V3 G5 plug-in a couple of years ago, as my existing copy had such an undecipherable license name that I didn't notice I owned it already, and as I still at the time had my original expired demo licenses confusing matters.

I can offer my duplicate Sonnox Oxford Dynamics V3 G5 license for a mere $25. It goes for 200 British Pounds Sterling new. Sonnox charges the buyer a 25 pound fee, as described below. I also have to charge a $25 iLok fee as the seller has to pay that. But the iLok fee will be folded into your total transaction vs. being per product. In other words, it is advantageous to buy more than two products on this sale page that are iLok based.


Off-hand, I don't see anything else that might get slimmed down, unless I decide I don't need some of my Softube licenses. Yet I'm pretty sure they don't allow resale. I do see them for sale here a lot though.

I do appear to have some duplicative Audified licenses as well though; I need to hunt down purchase receipts, as they may simply provide two licenses per purchase (I have a vague recollection of this being the case).
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It really is just an expensive hobby for me
Edit...just saw that they do case by case basis
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You have to ignore the incomplete "products" dropdown menu and just click "products" to see Scoring Piano, Simple Jazz Bass et al.


Hello Mark,

We are alive and active (we just posted a news in the commercial section few days ago)! What bothers you at the point of doubting our existence?

If you scroll down our site you'll see all the products listed as usual. The dropdown is "incomplete" to mark some specific products.

There is no log-in section on our website, you just buy the product you like, and you get a mail with the links. If you don't have access to those links (they expire) send us a mail and we'll renew them anytime.

Simple Jazz Bass and Simple Violin are not free. In general, our "Simple" series is a collection of instrument made at a affordable price, with a good sound quality, that has a low footprint for quick use.

Mark Schmieder

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These are the Soundiron libraries that I can part with, based on redundancy with other libraries that I am preferring in my project templates (often just for consistency of workflow vis a vis other libraries):

Bizarre Sitar
Cathedral of Junk
Circle Bells
Dhol Drum
Elvish Choir
Hyperion Strings Micro
Little Wooden Flutes
Mercury Boys Choir (all three editions)
Questionably Barbershop
Riq Drum
SFX M1 Garande Rifle
The Musique Box
Tuned Artillery
Voice of Rapture: Alto, Bass, Soprano, Tenor libraries

Soundiron charges the buyer 15% of retail for each library that can be transferred; 25% if it's a Kontakt Player library (such as Hyperion Strings Micro, and possibly VOR?). For some libraries, that ends up not being helpful vs. sales. Current prices can be found at their full product listing page:

It is possible that I may remove some of these from the list later on, just as I have done already with a couple today that have updates that I bought and which extend their life for me. I am trying to strip to the bare bones of what I need, to simplify my workflow, and I have way too many libraries at the moment. This means I may eventually add a couple to the list as well though.

Some of the above may have been free libraries. When I get around to listing the Soundiron transfer fees for each, and how much I want for myself, I'll be sure to double-check all of that information.
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For those of you eyeing this list who don't know him: Mark was GREAT to deal with. I bought the SWAM flutes and he went out of his way to make sure everything went smoothly and quickly. A pleasure to deal with.


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Mark is amazing to deal with and truly a blessing! highly recommended for anything and very honest guy all around! thanks mark for all your efforts its awesome!

Mark Schmieder

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The initial post and the Soundiron tag-on have been updated to reflect recent sales as well as a few pre-sales that were backed out after potential buyers changed their minds.

I am still not feeling energetic enough to itemize each Soundiron library's exact 15% fees (paid by the buyer to the vendor), along with the dirt-cheap payment I am requesting to myself at the seller end. Simply send me a PM if interested in them, and I will take the time for the specific ones of interest, and then pull down a bulk deal.
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Mark Schmieder

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Updated for recent sales, with further price drops.

Sorry that I still haven't had time to itemize suggested pricing of the Soundiron stuff, but just follow my general rule and make an offer. I've been awfully busy closing escrow and moving to the new home; I have only had time to set up the kitchen so far, so I have to be careful about spending too much time on the details of sales at the moment, and thus am trying to keep things simple. Thanks.
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