Fs: rme babyface pro

Hello World,

I have to put my card on sale.
The RME Babyface Pro I do offer is in pristine condition; bought in July 2016; still under warranty, will join the bill as a proof but I don't know how the warranty is covered internationally. You may have to register it at rme-audio.
Anyway, it comes in a sturdy protective case, with midi in/out and usb cables.
I can add an usb-c cable for the new macbook pro if requested.
The only thing missing is the printed manual, but pdf's are available I guess.
I won't add more to it, the quality of this card and its drivers are well-established already.
Handling, careful packaging, and worldwide shipping from Switzerland included : 590.-USD

All the best !


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That is a terrific interface at a good price. Had I not bought the Apogee Element 24, which I love, last year I would be on this like white on rice.