CLOSED FS: N.I, Reason, DMG, Tone2, Heavyocity, Overloud, Audified, Soniccouture, UA.


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Hello, PM me if you have any questions.
I’m looking for Acustica-Audio plugins for trade, especially Nebula.

For Sale:

DMG Audio Multiplicity $135

Propellerheads Reason 10 $175

Native Instruments Razor $40
Native Instruments Kinetic Toys $50 (includes Kinetic Treats)
Native Instruments Replika XT upgrade $15
Native Instruments Flesh $45
Native Instruments Supercharger $10
(N.I. Transfers are ready to go)

Sugar-Bytes Thesys $35

Tone2 Nemesis 1.6 $85

AAS Session Bundle $10 (new license)

Newfangled Audio EQuivocate $40

Heavyocity Punish $75

Overloud EQ550 $50
Overloud TapeDesk $80

Audified Mixchecker Pro $75

Soniccouture The Canterbury Suitcase $75
Soniccouture ElectroAcoustic $75
(Both for $135)

Unfiltered Audio Indent & Dent $10

The prices include PayPal and license transfer fees except Plugin-Alliance as their policy is that the new user has to pay the transfer fee.


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Hello, I’ve updated my list of items for sale.
Please feel free to PM me. Cheers. J


Simmo75 is a great and trusted seller. Highly recommended and wonderful seller to deal with. Be sure to check out his offerings and support his work!


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Hey--I'd like to purchase the GRM creative bundle. That comes w the GRM delay plugin, correct?

Please let me know how to proceed from here.

Thank you


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Simmo75 is a trusted seller...just bought GRM Creative bundle from him, and love it. Very easy to work with, and has a lot to offer.