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For Sale FS: Kush, Zynaptiq, Exponential R4 + PhoenixVerb + Excalibur; SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro + Wobble, TimewARP 2600, AIR Hybrid, Audified etc.

Mark Schmieder

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There is a $25 fee per iLok license transfer, maxing out at $50 no matter how many products are transferred at the same time.

Discounts on my stated prices (not inclusive of iLok transfer fees), for bundles of 3 or more.

If you can't find enough to make a bundle (and thus maximize the iLok transfer fee coverage), inquire about iZotope and Eventide products, as I no longer use many of those plug-ins in my workflow. Also Slate perpetual license stuff, and maybe even some of the Softube products.

From Kush Audio / Sly-Fi:

REDDI Tube D.I. -- $10
UBK-1 -- $50
Pusher -- $50
Silika -- $30
AR-1 -- $30
Novatron -- $50
Clariphonic -- $80
Electra -- $50
Sly-Fi OG Trifecta (Kaya, Axis, and Deflector) -- $100

From Exponential Audio:

R4 (pop/rock reverb) -- $30
Excalibur (multi-effects)
-- $5
(all-purpose reverb) -- $2

products include:

Hybrid -- $1
Vacuum Pro
-- $1

products include:

Vocalizer Pro -- $1
-- $1
TimewARP 2600
-- $2

Be aware that TimewARP2600 is more effective as a VST than as an AU plug-in on current macOS.

Also, if you are paying for more than one iLok license transfer, KikAxxe gets thrown in for free, with no guarantee that it is still supported or that it works on Win10 (I have no way to check); it long ago broke on macOS due to 32-bit-only.

Audified products include:

MixChecker -- $20
MixChecker Pro
-- $40
-- $15
TNT Voice Executor
-- $23

Sorry, but for some reason DW Drum Enhancer is marked on my iLok as not allowed for transfer. Not sure why, as it was a very expensive product, but it was a joint venture with another vendor.

Additionally, the products appear as double-license iLok S/N's (same S/N; weird), so I have sent an inquiry to Audified regarding some confusion over iLok only moving one license recently, and will update this part of the ad once they make clear how such transfers are to be handled.

Zynaptiq products include:

Adaptiverb -- $70
-- $120

Sorry, but Zynaptiq Subspace was free to their newsletter subscribers and does not allow transfer.

There are also some obsolete products on my iLok key that might still work on Windows (I'm on macOS) and therefore be of some value to you, from: TC Electronic, Way Out Ware, Sound Radix, maybe even WaveMachine Labs (Drumagog 5 Platinum).

At some point soon, I'll review my Softube and Xils-Lab stuff, but it could get confusing with Softube as to what can be resold or not due to bizarre upgrade and cross-grade paths that barely had any loyalty component to them but may prevent resale of certain products.

In general, if there are any products on your search list that require iLok, please contact me via the forum conversation feature, so that I prioritize evaluating those products for review. There are far too many for me to have time to run through them all now vs. gradually over time, but I do want to help people avoid paying multiple iLok fees over a bunch of transactions that span months.
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Hey Mark ...

I'm interested in Licence for Audified U73b Compressor & MixChecker Pro ...

Maybe shoot me a PM & let me know



Mark Schmieder

Mark Schmieder

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Updated to add the Kush Audio / Sly-Fi plug-ins.
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