FS/FT: Loads of Plugins, DAWs, Hardware Gear & Accessories


Audio, Video and IT Solutions

*Please note, this photo is to show our full studio only. Not all items pictured are for sale!

Downsizing my studio & I have a TON of software & gear available for sale or trade.

Hardware items shipped at actual shipping rates, unless marked free S/H. Local pickup from The Dalles, OR is welcome! Delivery/pickup from Portland, OR area may also be arranged.

I take very good care of my gear, most everything has only seen studio use (smoke-free). All hardware is fully functional & in good cosmetic condition, unless otherwise noted. Further details or pictures available upon request.

-Tim :)

DAW Licenses:

Ableton Live Lite 9 $25
Avid Pro Tools 10/11/12 +2016 Bundle /w iLok 2! $400 + S/H
Bitwig 2 8-Track $20
Cakewalk Sonar X3 LE $10
Propellerhead Reason Adapted 3 $28
MAGIX Soundforge Audio Studio 10 w/ iZotope Audio Enhancer & Vocal Eraser $20
Steinberg Cubase 4 AI $15
Steinberg Cubase 5 LE $20
Steinberg Wavelab 9 LE $25

Virtual Instrument & Effects Licenses:

AIR Music Technology
Hybrid 3 $25
Strike 2 $35
Vacuum Pro $25
Xpand!2 $8

Applied Acoustics Systems (AAS)
Session Bundle $40, Includes:
  • Lounge Lizard Session 4
  • Strum Session 2
  • Ultra Analogue Session 2
Analog Factory SE $15
Minimoog V Original $20

Cakewalk Rapture Session $18

Celemony Melodyne Essential 4 $49

Computer Music Magazine
CM Special Issue 45 Reason-The Expert Guide, w/ sealed CM DVD: Reason Refill Collection $15 +S/H

D16 Group Syntorus $20

Focusrite Midnight Plugin Suite $20

IK Multimedia
T-RackS Black 76 (NEW SERIAL, Unregistered) $30
T-RackS Classic EQ (NEW SERIAL, Unregistered) $20
AmpliTube 1 (Original Full Version, NEW SERIAL, Unregistered) $30
AmpliTube 1 LE (NEW SERIAL, Unregistered) $8
SampleTank 1 LE $8
SampleTank 1 SE $10
SampleTank 2.5 LE $15
SampleTank 2.5 SE $19
SampleTank 2.5 XL $125

DDLY Dynamic Delay $10
Ozone 3 Lite $25
Spectron Lite $20
Trash Lite $20

Bass Station $12
V Station $15

Opcode Fusion Monster FX - VST & DX Plugin Suite $15, Includes:
  • Filter VST & DX
  • Vinyl VST & DX
  • Vocode DX
  • opPLUGS:
    • opCHORUS
    • opECHO
    • opFLANGE
    • opPANNER
    • opPLATE
    • opREZN8
    • opRING
Peavey ReValver HPse $15

Positive Grid BIAS Amp LE $15

SONiVOX Orchestral Strings Companion $15

Spin Audio Essential Plugins Bundle $20, Includes:
  • FX Designer
  • RoomVerb M1
  • SpinDelay
Beatstation $45
EZdrummer Lite $20
EZmix 2 Lite $10

Waldorf Edition LE $15
Waldorf Edition LE 2 $20

*Full Waves Account Turnover: $150
(Includes Gold + RenMaxx v9, IR1 Convolution Reverb v9, VU Meter v10 and extras!)
Kramer Master Tape v8 w/ iLok $59 + S/H
*NEW SERIALS, Unregistered:
H-Comp $35
OneKnob Louder $18
SuperTap Delay $18
TrueVerb $25

Way Out Ware
TimewARP 2600 Lite $18

XLN Audio
Addictive Keys Trio Bundle (XLN Account Turnover) $100, Includes:
  • Studio Grand Piano
  • Modern Upright Piano
  • Mark One Stage Piano

iLok Plugin Licenses:
(Buyer pays additional $25 iLok transfer fee)

Synchronic $10
TL Utilities $5, Includes:
  • InTune
  • MasterMeter
  • Metro
UltraChannel (2 available) $40 each

Digital Synsations $40
Retro Keyboards $75
Retro Organs $60
Synths Anthology 1 $60
X-Treme FX $60

Vintage Software (S/H is extra):

Computer Music Supply CMS Cakewalk Enhanced 2.0d for DOS (5 1/4" floppy disks) $15

Digidesign Pro Tools 4.1 Full for MacOS 9 & earlier (Boxed w/ original disks & manuals) $25

PD Select Stereoplayer 10.3 SID File Player for Commodore 64 w/ The Data Base $8

Studio Hardware For Sale (S/H is extra):

ADC DD-4AX Vintage Stereo Digital Delay Processor $75
Alesis M-EQ 230 w/ Power Supply $65
ART Multiverb Alpha 2.0 $75
Audix f-55 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone NIB w/ Clip and Bag $65
Behringer Pro Mixer DX-1000 w/ Box, Power Supply & Manual $140
Behringer Truth B2031 Studio Monitors, 1 Pair, Boxed, NEEDS SERVICE $75
Behringer UltraVoice Pro VX-2000 w/ Box & Manual $85
Behringer UltraMizer Pro DSP-1400P w/ Box & Manual $75
Celestion CR-122m 12" 2-Way Passive Wedge Monitors (1-Pair) $250
Crate KX-15 Keyboard Amplifier (For parts/repair) $15
Crate PS-1510H 15" 3-Way Passive Speakers (1-Pair) $350
Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE32 CT3600 ISA Audio & MIDI I/O $30
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live 5.1 PCI Audio & MIDI I/O $15
Digidesign Audiomedia II Interface for Nubus Mac w/ Mac Archive CD! $55
Digidesign Digi 001 Boxed w/ Pro Tools 6, PCI Card, Manuals & Extras $95
Digidesign Digi 002 Boxed w/ Accessories $150
Digital Research DRWAVE3D Pro-Multimedia 16-bit ISA Audio & MIDI I/O w/ Manual $12
Harman Kardon TD4200 Cassette Deck $55
Korg 707 w/ Box, Manual, Power Supply and Factory ROM Card $225
Opcode Studio 4 8x8 MIDI I/O $25
UNITON SMA-401/600-R Power Amplifier, 400/600 W w/ I/O Cables (230 V) $150
Yamaha DX21 w/ Manual, Patch Sheets & Archive CD $240
Yamaha PSS-570 PortaSound Multi-Programmable Keyboard $75

Studio Accessories (S/H is extra):

Alesis MidiVerb 4 Motherboard $40
Ampex 456 7"x1/4" Reel Mastering Tape, NIB (5 available) $35 each
Audio Authority 9850 1in/5out SPDIF Distribution Amplifier w/ Power Supply + Manual (2 available) $30 each
Ensoniq ESQ-1 Owner's Manual (New, 2 available) $15 each
Ensoniq TS-12 OS v2.02 PROM Chipset (Hi & Low chips) $20
Korg DW-8000 Owner's Manual w/ Preload Data Cassette & Laminated Program Card $25
Korg Trinity DRS Video Owner's Manual, VHS $20
Kurzweil K2000 Musician's Guide Supplement $20
Kurzweil K2000/K2VX/K2500 Industrial Techno Programs & Sequences Floppy (NIB, 2 available) $25 each
Roland MC-303 Groovebox Owner's Manual (Fair condition) $10
Roland MC-303 Groovebox TurboStart Video, VHS $10
Roland PN-JV80-02 ROM CARD for Pop Exp. (JV-80/880/1080/JD-990), NIB $40
Roland VS-880 Owners Manual & Quick Start $15
Roland VS-880 V-Xpanded Application Guide 2.0 $15
Roland XP-80 Workstation CPU & ROM chips (latest version) $49
Yamaha AN200 Owner's Manual $15
Yamaha 02R/03D Applications Guide $15
Yamaha SY99/SY77 Power Transformer (220-240V) w/ SY/TG Archive CD! $40
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Mike Greene

Senior Member
Hi Tim. Just so there are no misunderstandings, I'll repeat here what I posted in the previous thread:

Hi Tim. Nothing personal against you (you seem like a cool guy), and it looks like you have some great stuff to sell, but you keep adding to the list, which suggests this may be a business, as opposed to someone simply cleaning out some unused gear. Plus, all of your VI-C posts since this thread started two years ago have been in this thread only, so this seems a little different than the more typical "member" selling some gear, which is what this section was intended to be.

So I've made new guidelines for the section, which I've posted here:

You're still welcome to sell the gear you have left, but please put that into a new thread. Make sure it is complete, because please do not add any more stuff after that.

Bear in mind that needs to be your last thread selling gear. You're still welcome to post in other sections as a regular member, of course, but this needs to be the end of your sales.

I do realize this may seem a bit draconian and you do seem like a nice guy, but I'm trying to keep the forum from getting bogged down by things outside it's main mission, so I hope you understand.


Audio, Video and IT Solutions
Hi Tim. Just so there are no misunderstandings, I'll repeat here what I posted in the previous thread:
Yes, thank you Mike. Your clarification was received the first time, back in September.

To confirm, I understand that:
  • I am welcome to sell the rest of my gear, which I have now reposted into this new thread.
  • I will not add any additional items to this thread; the list above is a complete list and will only be updated when items are sold/removed.
  • Although other members are permitted to sell as much as they like, I am now restricted to this one sales thread, due to the fact that I posted my previous sales thread two years ago and maintained it for “too long”. I.E., I will not post any additional sales threads on this forum.
  • Per the new Classifieds Section Guidelines (again, thanks very much for creating them), I am permitted to BUMP this thread up to once per week. That said, I promise you I’ll be way more reserved with my BUMPs than that.
  • Apparently my list has some people “turned off” thinking I’m running an internet sales business because I meticulously compiled a quite large list of all of the “junk in my trunk” that I’m trying to dump. For the record, I am a sole-proprietor, however THIS IS NOT PART OF MY BUSINESS. I am simply a studio owner/ A/V / IT engineer/installer/gear hoarder who, like many in my profession, is interested in unloading my unused gear & software licenses.
Again, I hope to earn a reputation on this forum as a respectful, reliable, helpful and contributing member. My integrity is paramount in all of my dealings. As a USAF COMM veteran of 13 years, husband of 24 years and father of 5 + 4 foster children and Worship Leader since 1986, my family and I strive to remember and live by the Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do. I wish to demonstrate that for you by my interactions here on this forum.

Once again, I would have preferred that our conversation here with your post above would have been sent in a PM rather than on my public sales thread. I want to respect others in this classified section and not interfere with their sales endeavors. I think it’s the respectful thing to do.

So, per Forum Guideline #2, I would really appreciate it if we could have no more off-topic posts on my sales thread. If anyone is interested in buying or trading for any of my items or have any questions at all regarding any item in particular, I would welcome your posts.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all, :)



Active Member
Just got back from vacation in Aruba so I'm a little late posting a thank you! Tim's fantastic to deal with! Even though I just wanted a cheapie WavelabLE license to trim some audio files with, he was really quick in taking care of me. Thanks, Tim!


New Member
Still waiting products that i payed but just passing by to say that he looks like a really nice guy and pretty profesional for what i see.

Hope everything ends ok(which i really think will be)

Ps: sry for bad english