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From Studio One to Cubase, Some Questions


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I picked up Cubase 10 Pro via the crossgrade on sale, mainly using Studio One before this. Now I'm going back and forth, exploring what Cubase can do, I picked it up really just for the MPE ease of use, but I'd like to try working with expression maps and large templates.

Right now though just trying to get the basics going. I need to set up an [external rack] instrument to receive from a keyboard and a breath controller, and nothing else, can someone tell me how to do that?

Looks like only all or single instruments are an option, don't want all, as I don't want it receiving from other keyboards when I'm playing two instruments at once. In Studio you got around this by creating two tracks with the same instrument, receiving from different controllers.

[This doesn't seem to work for my rack device in Cubase.]

Also wondering what the ideal no-crackling setup is. Been having some issues. ASIO guard doesn't seem to solve it, I can have some crackling with just one instrument loaded too even increasing latency. Not sure if it's a Cubase or Windows thing yet since this last update went through I am reinstalling and resetting stuff up.
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Learned you can set 'Midi ALL' to just be two devices and this hack fixes it for it. Strange though with external plugins, I can't just have two tracks set to the same midi devices like with software plugins.

There may be a way to setup an external plugin to work like that but I haven't figured it out yet. Cubase is a bit.. more complicated than Studio. If Studio would have retrospective record and MPE I'd switch right back.
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