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Friends, do not let the media stir you up, please!


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The Sharia Liberals, who actually run the DNC now, will ensure Trump gets 6 more years. Pence...? I don’t see him sliding in.
In 2024 we’ll let Liberals wet their beaks for a term or two.

After all, we’re not Communists.
Don Barzini in The Godfather
Metro Goldwyn Mayer 1972

Can’t believe Wealthy Liberals are catering to these whack jobs. Years ago I knew before he got too old that Farakhan would have a seat in Congress. Seems he has several now. No way this freak show will survive after 2020.
Wealthy Liberal Billionaires don’t see it now but a landslide will convince them that Sharia Liberals need to be stuffed away in some MoveOn.org kind of place where they can make enough to silence their anti Semitic racist crap.

I’ve been saying how wealthy Liberal slumlords and billionaires have ruined Urban America for years, finally the fake news NYTimes agrees....



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The Sharia Liberals, who actually run the DNC now, will ensure Trump gets 6 more years. Pence...? I don’t see him sliding in.
In 2024 we’ll let Liberals wet their beaks for a term or two.

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Trump will win the easiest landslide we have ever seen. Which one of you pussies want to bet me on this one? Which country will you blame this historic loss on afterwards?


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Damn bro, don’t let fake news stir you up..
View it as comedy.

The fact many of the candidates are going to Fox News for Town Hall style events shows you they know what’s up.

I’m surprised there’s no Sharia candidates. They’re running the show it seems, CAIR and Nation Of Islam “bodyguards” are escorts now.
Some Imam gives prayers in Congress?

The DNC definitely has an Identity crisis to go with their identity politics.
Next thing you know there’ll be a female candidate, that’s black, that’s a Muslim, and a Lesbian, that has a wife who was a former trans-gender.
Hollywood will be ecstatic....
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Sharia candidates...try that s**t in India. Lol
It’s an American Liberal thing.
Even when their hearts aren’t filled with hatred, their judgement is the worst.
I mean who in the Hell thinks Anthony Weiner and Bill DiBlasio are capable of focusing on issues where the high moral ground isn’t the common denominator?

And how many times did fake news Liberals try and push scumbag Micheal Avenatti on the public as a Presidential Candidate?

CNN or the rest of these fake ass news outlets never even tried to verify ANY of their leaks or bull shit stories. What happened to Julie Swetnik? She folded the first time the FBI questioned her.

CNN could have at least contacted her to verify her statements or maybe use “Google”...

All I know is losers deserve each other, and misery loves company.

The sad thing is even after these morons all make fools of themselves again and lose, they’ll somehow convince themselves they really won, and we’re just a bunch of dummies, deplorables, racists, and all of the Phobias. They’ll still be on CNN vomiting on everyone, bleeding all over us with zero remorse. They’re not even decent role models as losers.

The woman from Georgia who lost seems to think she somehow deserves the spot as Vice President when she can’t win her own district in Georgia. She got beat by an idiot. Then Beto loses to Lying Ted and uses his loss as a great sign to become President?

These freaks cannot be allowed a seat at any table much less replace our God King Savior of mankind Lord Trump.


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We really need to pass a law that gives the exalted One, The Lord King Trump a lifetime appointment to the Presidency. He's the only one worthy of ruling this planet.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are not created equal, hail the God King.


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Fake news has been reporting Robert Mueller will leave the DOJ in days.
This jive ass prediction is as usual wrong. Just search using “Robert Mueller leaves the DOJ.”
There’s plenty of reports about Rosenstein leaving, but fake news has been trying to create their own headlines for weeks.
Maybe I’m wrong and Mueller quit and my search tactics need refinements.

Let’s assume he’s still employed. He can’t really represent the DOJ in a negative way.
Maybe he’s responding for the 2nd time to lying Liberals trying to creat new headlines, like the pieces of vertical shit from Buzzfeed.
Now there’s another scumbag claiming he saw the documents of a draft Mueller wrote to indict Trump? He can’t do that any way, but when your goal is to smear you don’t care about truth, you’re using fascist tactics to win by any means necessary.

Should be interesting.
I see Mueller saying Trump is clear, then Trump gives a speech from the Rose Garden, then Biden says “I can work with a GOP Senate” and the rest of the Liberal media and whacko candidates go nuts.

If so, I’ll watch fake news for a while since it’s really fun watching these losers try to recover.
They’ve done more damage to America than all of the Russian hackers combined ever dreamed of.

This could be the reckoning.
I hope not. I’d rather they continue lying, losing and freaking out, then repeating the process.
That’s the best comedy around.
How these asswipes keep a straight face is beyond me.


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Guess Mueller quit the DOJ today. Now fake news can create the headline.
Naturally Trump is innocent, and of course Liberals can continue to please their billionaire bosses and continue searching gif a crime.

Good news is that impeachment hearings can go forward.
As if we needed this to remove Liberals in 2020.
But thanks for the extra push that independents need to dismiss the losing lying Liberals.


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Lying Liberals at the New York (Mexican) Times.
Busted for lying again.

Last week the Mexican......sorry........NYTimes and Amazon........sorry........Washington Post ganged up on lying losing Liberals at CNN for their fake news story of CIA recovery of an asset in Russia.

Sure are a bunch of losers.

But dont stop these fake journalists.
They've created more Trump supporters.

Why are lying Liberals admired and held up high like role models?
When Hollywood lost its support next best thing is liars (not professional actors/actresses) from Liberal News.

Looks like Joe Biden wont make it.....again.
Bernie will also fail.......again.

Bring in the Cherokee victim.
What a great spokesperson for lying liberals, another liar.
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