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Frendo question

Mike Fox

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I am currently working on a horror track (go figure) and I'm using Frendo for a small piece of it. I've noticed the patch I'm using has something similar to a round robin effect, where there are 3 or 4 pre-recorded sounds and it changes every time you hit a key. Is there a way to select which sound you want?


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I'll try to take a look at it tonight. Seems like there was a RR reset feature or something similar you could use.

SI samples are in .wav format at least some of the time, so you could always access an individual sound directly if needed.

Or, depending on how the script works, you could possibly duplicate the track and delete the other RR groups so you have a track with only RR # 3.

UPDATE: Apologies, I actually don't have this library! What I have is the Twine Bass which features some samples called Frendo.
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