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FREEBIE - Intimate Piano

Today I had the great honor to be working with a real pro when it comes to scripting programming for Kontakt. mk282 helped me put together a Kontakt instrument for my 12 year old dusty piano samples. While he programmed the instrument, I worked with the graphics. First time I've used Skype on this way. Incredibly fun! So folks, let us introduce The Intimate Piano. 2 microphone placements, 1 layer (pp), stereo widening and other stuff. But the best part is - it's free :)

Next week we will release a larger version on the piano. Headroom Piano.
It has 5 velocity layers and EQ on each mic placement.
And yes - it's free too :)

Download link:

Och för alla svenskar på forumet, kör "freebie" genom google translate så får ni ett gott skratt. :)
It sounds great! Incredibly generous of you two to give it away for free! Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to the Headroom Piano and am sure the Intimate Piano will find some use. :)


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Tack så mycket!

A lot of 1-2 layer pianos lately.
But they are all very useable because of their individual tone and character.


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What a cool piano for free. Thanks . It sounds very soft and has a nice tone. Will be looking out for the 5 velocity layer Headroom Piano .


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Very nice of you to do this. Thanks so much!

I tried it out and love the tone. I immediately came up with a new idea just playing around. Will keep a look out for the next version. ;)


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Thanks to you and mk282 also, for this very nice sounding library! Definitely very usable! May your generosity be well-rewarded!!

JE Martinsen

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Thank you so much for the freebie! Very nice sounding piano!

Yeah, the translation of the word "freebie" to Swedish is wonderful! :lol:

Ha en god helg!

Sid Francis

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It sounds really nice and will find a lot of uses in my New Age Compositions. Because it is so wonderfully unobtrusive


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This piano downloaded so quickly, I didn't think that it even downloaded properly ....and for free , I thought , how good could this be ? ...... I was thrilled to say the least with how good this piano sounds , especially the "Cosy" nki .....Kudo's for such a pleasant sounding instrument with such low overhead ....Very nice job, and appreciate it for free also ....:) .....Jim
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