FREEBIE - Headroom Piano


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Incredible freebie! Let us know if you'd like us to provide you with free Amazon S3 hosting to provide people with download links :)


I´m glad you like the piano. I´m pretty sure the link is rock solid this time. I think I have unlimited traffic via my web hotel.


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Hi there, I'm new around here and it's good to start from playing a new instrument, even more when free :) !
Greetings to all and thanks to you for this nice piano and the other trimmed down version (intimate piano) as well.
Best Regards


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Thank you Firstfewbars and mk282. Well done. : >

adriancook - lovely!. One of my ALL TIME favorite pieces of music.


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Im also having difficulties with unzipping the file.
I downloaded it a few times but each time I try out it fails to unzip.......
I'm on Mac OSX 10.6.8. Is it possible to change the uploaded ZIP file in a RAR file?

Edit: finally was able to download the whole file (with Folx) and to unzip it.
So problem solved. thanks again...........


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I initially have problem opening the zip file with corrupted data. I then found out that my download wasn't complete. There's tendency of network disconnection with the download server (a few times server connection time out). Downloaded the 4th time and it's finally fully downloaded. Unzip and it works. So check whether your download file size show the complete file size or partially downloaded size. :roll: