FREEBIE - Headroom Piano

Hello everyone, time to release the Headroom Piano!
It´s recorded at Headroom Recordings in Karlstad, Sweden in 2002.

5 velocity layers, 2 microphone placements with individual 3 band EQ, stereo spread and some more.

The piano has 4 presets:

Empty Bar, Fullness, Pop and Headroom Piano which is actually a default preset with all parameters set to 0.
Even the individual samples are fixed at 0dB on this preset so you are free to tweak your own sound.

We really hope you will like the piano. :)

Download link:



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The link has been disabled. It says you've been getting too much traffic. Which is a good thing :)
It's no surprise, really, considering how nice the first library was and that this one has additional velocity layers. I'm eager to download it! Here's hoping a new working link goes up soon, I'm eager to download the library!

Thanks to Firstfewbars and mk282 for this and getting it out even sooner than expected!

- Peter


I´ve just got a mail for heavy bandwidth usage (temporary banned) :)
I´ll be back. I´m gonna change the link soon...


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I going test soon i can. Now is time when i cannot made music becouse here where i live is night...

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Thank you for sharing these with us…both sound very nice. As someone else mentioned, I've paid for virtual pianos that didn't sound as nice as these do without any tweaking!



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I'm having difficult unzipping the file. Is anyone else having trouble?

The error says "no such file or directory"...?