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Free x64 plugins


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Props for revisiting this thread, doesn't seem to get much attention any more but FWIW here is IMO a great place to start (I think some have been mentioned ) :

I have tried most on the list (not the drums or bass except Ample's bass and the MT drums, both great) and they range from good to great. Also check synths mentioned here: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/free-synth-plugins-patches.56778/page-5


DVS Saxophone (basic but a good sound IMO)
VSCO Sketching Orchestra (likewise - yeah the top-end stuff is better, but unless you're doing full-up symphonic/classical stuff, this may well serve your purposes - an orchestra for free is worth a look IMO)
Voxengo, Variety of Sounds, TAL and TDR stuff (some has been mentioned)
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When booting Studio One 4, my virus software flagged this file as being contaminated with a Trojan virus:

C:\Program Files\MeldaProduction\Audio Plugins 11\setup.exe

I was using Kapersky before and it didn't catch it, but I have now changed to another virus protection brand, a major well known brand and it caught it.

You sure about this? Antivirus programs compalining about .dll files is very common
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