(free) Virtual Playing Orchestra v3.1


I'm not sure how many people around here are interested in a free orchestral sample library but just in case, I thought I would finally post this and just see. Visit the link below to learn more and download the library.


There are 2 versions of the library (both share the same samples). The first is what I call a standard library. Key velocity controls the volume of each note. Multiple tracks or key switches can be used to select articulations. The second version I call a performance library. Key velocity controls the articulation, the mod wheel is responsible for controlling volume. The performance version allows you to play expressively and control the volume of each note while holding the note. If you hit the keys softly, you will get sustain notes with a slow attack. Hit the keys quickly you will get a shorter attack or a staccato note (if you also release the key quickly). There is an intended gradual shift from long to short attack as the key velocity increases.

Hopefully this is useful to someone here.