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My Best Free Synth Plugins List...

Tytel Helm
Freeware Analog Synth

Free 6 Operator FM synth
sound banks

U-he Beatzille
Visual analog modular synth, limited version of U-he Bazille.

U-he Tyrell N6
Poly Virtual Analog Synth. Good as tears in the rain.

U-he Podolski
Simple Virtual Analog synth, surprisingly good and useful

U-he Zebralette

Disco DSP OB-Xd
Virtual Analog Oberheim Synth

Tal Uno-62
Virtual Juno Synthesizer (older version of commercial product)

Daichi Synth1
Virtual Analog Synth based on Nordlead

Greenoak Crystal
Digital Soft Synth (FM, Wave, Granular)

Logic users, built in synths (yes you are paying for the DAW)
Alchemy2, Retrosynth, ES2, Sculpture, etc. all very powerful options as are other synth that come with other DAWS.

Please feel free to add others, comment, etc. and Enjoy!!
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A few I've used here and there:

Futucraft Kairatune (subtractive monosynth)

Hinton & Fairchild FMetal (simple FM)

Full Bucket Nabla (string machine emulation)

Full Bucket Scrooo (formant filter synth)

and more specialized:

Plogue Alter/Ego (voice synth, but good for lots of abstract weirdness)

Saltline Drzewo Korzenie (kick and clap synths)


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Not any free romplers out there that I know of Andre. The closest was probably Air Expander2 which was just $1 recently over the summer but I see the price is back up to normal now. You can pick up a good hardware rompler module pretty cheap on your local craigslist, reverb, and Ebay ie The Roland JV series, etc. But I think most people these days are using there Kontakt carte blanche.

Anyone knows of a Korg Trinity (first edition, not V3), or Alesis QS8 vi?