Free: Orchestra Tracks! practice mixing

Beat Kaufmann

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The tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra" tutorial uses files from whole orchestral pieces to solve a variety of tasks (compression, panning, EQ tasks, mixing whole instrument sections, etc.).

I am happy to make all these orchestra-track- files available to you for free.
Visit for download them:

To many pieces is the virtual stage available whose sound I tried to achieve in the mix ...
From the piece with only 4 audio-tracks to the piece in "symphony-orchestra-size" there is a variety to choose from ...
Keep in mind that all the single instrument files are "dry" (VSL). So the final orchestra sound will be completely your work.

Have fun

Beat Kaufmann

Dear Villain

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Thank you for your generosity, Beat. I look forward to checking it out and hopefully improving my productions.



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Content seems to be something what I really need at the moment. While I'm fine with English, I'm very happy to get German, too.