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Free Logic articulation set for VSL Dimension Strings


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I've made a Logic articulation set for VSL Dimension Strings (full). Because Logic 10.4 cannot currently control the VSL matrices (which need more than one message to set the X/Y axis), there is a corresponding Scripter script which interprets the articulation IDs. If you use this with the dynamics script, place it after the dynamics script. Note that the articulation set has no Switches or Outputs. You can set up whatever Switches you want, but you must leave the Outputs blank in order for the script to handle the articulations!

The free articulation set and script can be found in the logic-scripts project here.


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Hi Rich, I'm trying to use your script to create my own articulation set for Dimension Strings in Logic Pro 10.4.8. I think I'm missing something because I can't get it to work. When I try to run the script in Scripter, I get the following error message :

"PluginParameters[0] is missing a defaultValue"

I'd love to use this as I'm used to Articulation sets with CSS et LASS, your idea is great !

Thanks in advance :)

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OK, I just discovered the "multiple output" function in the articulation set window, forget my previous post ! :)
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