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I don't think any of these have been posted yet.
The sites have some paid and some free plugs. It's pretty obvious which is which (I say this as even I was able to work it out).

Kilohearts - if you hover over the "products" at top banner of screen all products are revealed and the free ones are starred with a little "free" rosette. StackHeap lets you create custom DSPs to suit your needs with multiple instances of each plug, in any order to create whatever you might be looking for. The paid Multipass host option lets you do the same but allows separate signal chains for different frequency bands. Of course any of these plugs can be run as single stand alone (independent of StackHeap or Multipass) effects on a send or insert.

HOFA - this should take you straight to their freeware page. There are other plugs on offer that can be trialed before purchase.

I'm still finding my way with a lot of these but wanted to share. I've already grabbed some of the freebies in this thread, some of which look amazing (and just what I was looking for). Thank you all for sharing and thanks @synthpunk for starting the thread.

And last note, if you haven't trialed Nova from Tokyo Dawn (free version and paid option available), then definitely take a look.

Happy music making.


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IRDust - The only free true stereo convolution reverb.
Not true and the link on that page is busted FYI. Reaper's reverb can do this.

Also this bundle includes one:

And there's one called SIR as well, don't have link offhand.

Also are people posting things they actually used and liked, or just any freebies they run across? Rather than just post freebie links (there are tons), of those I've tried and recommend:

Anything Voxengo
TDR Nova (parametric EQ)
Jayquilizer (simple but nice "graphical" EQ)
TAL stuff, generally
Blue Cat, generally
Variety of Sound stuff, generally
Azurite (chorus)
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Acoustic drum kit for Kontakt Player (allows Full Kontakt discount Upgrade price)...

Sennheiser DrumMic'A -

Versatile Mastering Plugin with multiple modules - RMS compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, clipper, true peak limiter...

Vlagsound Limiter No6 -

AmpleSound has some great freebies, but I'm gonna mention the acoustic guitar because I recently discovered it's possible to switch to "chord mode" to create legit custom strum patterns using a normal MIDI piano roll...

Ample Guitar M LITE -

Has no one mentioned HY? There's free versions of all plugins. (Not the free trials, the actual "free versions"). High quality.


They only have one free plugin that I see, which looks like some kind of synth (under "description" all they have is a picture, no actual description)?

Agreed on Ample btw!
Yes Ample is awesome!

There is a free version of every HY plugin though, I just checked. Click any SINGLE plugin (NOT a bundle) then scroll down and click "download" on the LEFT side of the screen (NOT "download" on the top right) and scroll down and each plugin has a "demo" version, which is limited and also a "free" version, which has less features but is fully functional. Sorry about the caps, its sort of difficult to find, but totally worth it. I'm using the free version of HY-Delay 4 currently and the sequencer is amazing and the filters too etc etc.

Here's the direct link to one of the plugins
sorry, you still have to click "download" on the LEFT side to see the free version. It doesn't directly show it even from the link.


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Acon Digital Verberate "Basic"

Acon Digital Multiply (Chorus):

Cableguys PanCake (Auto/LFO-Panner):

Xfer OTT ('Over the top' multiband compressor):

Free Clip (Soft clipper with up to 32x oversampling):


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Free plugin from Valhalla: