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Hi chaps and Logic Pro fellows.
while working on a new film project I came up with something I would like to see implemented in Logic Pro. I've already forwarded this to the Logic Pro team but would like your opinion on that as well. I know I am not perfect with the mockups but I usually like to not just write something like.... "why the hell is Logic not working like DAW fill in the blank... but show somewhat detailed what and why I would like to see an enhancement to logics workflow.

I know there are a lot of things Logic could do better and this is one of them.


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When using common tools to navigate and select regions in Logic Pros workspace every little enhancement that supports a clear understanding of the tools position on the grid can improve the overall workflow

Inspired by Final Cut Pros skimming feature (a red line that follows the arrow permanently and optionally audio and video follows mouse movement)…

Please consider to enhance all Logic Pro common tools like the arrow, marquee etc with a permanent vertical guide line. The guide line could be designed like the one Logic Pro already uses when extending/shrinking start/end or moving Regions in the workspace.
The guide line would permanently follow the movement of the Tool (arrow, marquee, solo, mute, scissors etc)
This feature should have a toggle switch to turn it on/off.
If enabled video would skim/scrub when moving the tool.
Also when moving, extending or shortening markers the guide line should skim with the tool!

Especially for the Marquee Tool it would help to have a horizontal guide line as well (on mouse down event) when drawing a marquee rectangle.

Optionally this feature could be extended by final cuts audio skimming feature. if enabled simple moving around with the tool in Logic Pros workspace would skim audio and midi and video under the guide line (scrubbing audio, midi and video) exactly like Final Cut Pro does it.

This is useful for sound designers and editors.

Here are mockup examples for:

Vertical permanent guide line (if enabled)

FR LPX - Guide Line Arrow Cursor.gif

FR LPX - Guide Line Marquee.gif

Vertical and horizontal guide line (mouse button click and hold)

FR LPX - Guide Line Marquee

Here is an example of Final Cut Pro X

FR LPX -  Guide Line

Button state in Final Cut Pro X when skimming is enabled for video and audio

FR LPX - Guide Line FCPX Buttons OnOff.png
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Yep, that's one of those things you realize you need once you see it. I'll ask for the same thing in the feedback form. Thanks for bringing it up.