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Are these screenshots from a mobile, iPad or desktop?
From a Desktop, all made with the same zoom level in post #137. But the specific pic you copied into your post was not made in the default zoom level, it was zoomed in.

IMO the font size should be adjusted to how busy the area, contrast, and all that.

All I want is the site to be as readable as it used to be/as other similar sites are. :)


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@Mike Greene : Mike, could you address this?
Also, when comparing the regular thread overview at this and other forums, the font size is smaller here or the area is more 'busy', which matters if you read this eg in a studio where you have a mixer or MIDI keyboard between yourself and the monitor. This means that some of us need to zoom in to make fonts larger - but when we do, other pages start to look a little oversized. So there may be room for a more consistent use of font sizes...

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Could you give me the name/URL of this/these sites you screenshot-ed? I'd like to verify something.



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Could you give me the name/URL of this/these sites you screenshot-ed? I'd like to verify something.
One of them were Gearslutz, the other was another forum I randomly found (which has less clutter, but also an IMO slightly too small font if you sit slightly further than ideal from your monitor.) Btw, I see that you already changed something – thanks a lot! :)


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I really like the new design. Congratulations!

My main issue, and I think others have mentioned this, is that the links are hard to see.

If they could be in a different color, that would be great.
Mike Greene

Mike Greene

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A few thoughts:

1. Font size is a tricky game. Personally, I think the font is a little big in threads, but I guess a lot of people prefer it big, so I suppose we can keep it this way.

In that same vein, I suppose we could also make the font bigger in the thread listings as well, although I worry about it making things too big overall and VI-Control becoming a scrolling workout. The downside to bigger fonts is that each page gets a lot more spread out.

2. To Artomatic's point, I think the request is about making it so we immediately have the page number options at the bottom, like we would with Latest/Recent Posts, rather than the "View More" button we have now. In other words, when clicking "What's New," it would be nice if it behaved exactly as clicking Latest/Recent Posts.

3. Regarding how new posts/threads are indicated, personally I don't mind them simply being bold, but I do like the green dot idea even more. Hopefully that's possible.

4. I agree that links would be nice if they were a different color. That way it will be easier for people to see where they can check out Hip Hop Creator.

5. I notice there is an option for "Profile Posts," which I guess is like posting on a Facebook wall. I don't see a purpose to that, and I'll go so far as to say I find it annoying, especially because with it more accessible now, I worry there will be more of those wall posts. That's just my opinion, though, so let me know if I'm wrong and everybody else loves them Otherwise, lets ditch that entirely.

6. I kinda like the Reply button on the right. I'm not necessarily opposed to moving it to the left side, but if we do that, then it would be important to swap all the relevant buttons, so that Reply will still next to "Like," and all the other buttons will also stay next to each other.
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The new gray-blue NEW is much betterer than orange!
Now to have it in unread threads in subforums as well... :)
Look on the top submenu for MARKS FORUMS READ. Once you click this, it should remove it from everywhere. And then (I assume) ONLY the new posts from threads you follow, should show the NEW tag when it's REALLY something new, not inherited from the transfer to the new format.


Let me know if it works for you. :)