Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours


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:scout:Pulp Fiction duck is still doing its thing. No one knows why. I think I'll page Mike about that. I just need to look up his number in my Rolodex. :emoji_card_index::emoji_pager:


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NOTICE that I started a new thread to show some of the new basic features. If you have any question on features you are used to but can't find, post it there and I'll try to find it for you.




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You had me at dark mode. :inlove:

The login overlay isn't aligned on Android (tested on Firefox, Nightly, and Chrome).


I'm also missing the "Latest Posts" button on the top, please bring it back if possible.

edit. the grid layout not only looks good but it makes browsing so much easier. Awesome update! 🤘
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Try clicking "What's New"
Ok, good to see it's still here, but it now takes two clicks to get to, whereas before you could do it in one. Also the difference between read and unread threads is not as distinct.

ETA: Never mind, found the other place What's New appears.


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ETA: Never mind, found the other place What's New appears.
The criticism is still somewhat valid though: it takes two clicks on mobile now.

And speaking of mobile, the What's New view doesn't show who wrote the latest post, only who wrote the OP, which isn't as useful.


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I miss the "recent posts" tab, which listed everything in chronological order compared to the "new posts," which lists things I haven't read.
Hi, I will look into this. The former forum's code had been hacked to death, so some of the features may have to be reinvented to work the same way. Look for it in the coming days. :)