Forum changeover this Sunday - Forum will be down for a few hours


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There is a moon in the top right corner that enables dark-mode, so you don't have to fear the bright light anymore ;)
You're a life saver. I haven't seen the sun for a while now and the bright design really hurt my eyes ;). I like the modern look, but luckily there is the dark mode. I don't think I could have ever adjusted to the light mode
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Geoff Grace

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Well done!

The one feature I miss so far is the History link—the ability to see the last 50 threads you viewed. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place? (In other words, I don't know much about history...)




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I was about to complain about that too, but check the top right corner, there is a switch for a dark mode. My eyes are saved!
Wasn't complaining... it's just unfamiliar... I'll get used to. But the dark mode looks cool too!

Sarah Mancuso

New layout and logo look great! I'm glad things no longer scroll around when I mouse over a username, even though I'm sure in time I'll be just as vexed by the popup bubbles that happen instead.