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Forever, is that a myth ?


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Very nice...if your ambition is for movie scores, you definitely have my vote.

If you think criticism could be useful, I'll give you two (very small and painless):

Too 'portamento-y' for my taste...but others may differ.

The title...how about a little mystery and poetry (using your same words):

O Mýthos, Tou Gia Pánta?

Looks better in Greek (IMHO)...YMMV...

Really, very good stuff...keep up the good work!


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Beautiful, very touching and emotional in a good way!

I agree with what @imagegod said above about the portamento and I want to add a few small tips to enchance it maybe a bit more. The overal reverb amience sounds a bit disconnnected, it could benefit from a general reverb that glues it all together. Now the different layers sound a bit different reverb wise.
Also maybe pan the instruments a bit (cello maybe a bit to the right, keep the harp in the middle and the choir a tiny bit to the right) to enhance the spectrum.
Great work Muluku! Enjoyed it.
Muluku S.

Muluku S.

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Thank you all for your kind words and valuable feedbacks! i will consider it.
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