Forever, is that a myth ?

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  1. Muluku S.

    Muluku S. Member

    Nov 16, 2017
    Hi guys, here a new track from me. Please can i have some thoughts on it ?
    please keep in mind i'm a newbie composer ^^ !

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  2. imagegod

    imagegod Senior Member

    Apr 18, 2016
    Very nice...if your ambition is for movie scores, you definitely have my vote.

    If you think criticism could be useful, I'll give you two (very small and painless):

    Too 'portamento-y' for my taste...but others may differ.

    The about a little mystery and poetry (using your same words):

    O Mýthos, Tou Gia Pánta?

    Looks better in Greek (IMHO)...YMMV...

    Really, very good stuff...keep up the good work!
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  3. Jaap

    Jaap Best audience ever...booh!

    Beautiful, very touching and emotional in a good way!

    I agree with what @imagegod said above about the portamento and I want to add a few small tips to enchance it maybe a bit more. The overal reverb amience sounds a bit disconnnected, it could benefit from a general reverb that glues it all together. Now the different layers sound a bit different reverb wise.
    Also maybe pan the instruments a bit (cello maybe a bit to the right, keep the harp in the middle and the choir a tiny bit to the right) to enhance the spectrum.
    Great work Muluku! Enjoyed it.
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  4. OP
    Muluku S.

    Muluku S. Member

    Nov 16, 2017
    Thank you all for your kind words and valuable feedbacks! i will consider it.

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