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For Sale: Cubase Pro 8.5


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Hey there fellow composers. I am selling my Cubase 8.5 Pro. I switched to Pro Tools to be more compatible with delivery for TV scores and it has just been lying around for the last couple of months.

I will deliver the original Cubase 7 DVDs, I upgraded from 7 to 8.5 (see attached screenshot). If you want to save on transportation costs I can send you the elicenser only.

I would like to have EUR 200,00 for it plus shipping costs. Please don't ask for a better price, I just a a very costly move to a new apartment, so I need to bring money back in :)

I would prefer Paypal or wire transfer for payment and basically can send anywhere, but it would be easier if the shipping would be inside Europe (I am based in Austria). If you are in Austria you can get it directly from me at my place.

If you have any question just hit me up.



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Hi, is that only for US customers? Could you send a picture of the box? Thanks
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