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For Sale For Sale (Chris Hein / Addictive Drums 2 / 2cAudio /Roli Seaboard 49)


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I'm going to be selling whatever I can to build a laptop next year. Feel free to make me an offer in the PM's

Ideally, be prepared to use something akin to discord/ect to make the sale, I prefer to be speaking with someone in real time when money/serials ect are exchanged - rather than sending someone keys and waiting a week for them to respond ;)

Temporary list:
Audio Modelling = everything. 50% off individual if you buy a bundle it's 50% off bundled price
AM saxes sold

Chris Hein = Orchestral Brass Compete 50% + 10$
Chris Hein = Horns Compact 50% + 10$
Chris Hein = Solo Strings Sold
Addictive drums 2 = I bought 2 Custom XL(329$ a piece) packs and I'll sell both together for 260$(if you're interested I'll go over the specific selections I picked)
2cAudio B2 Reverb = 80$ + you pay their 20% transfer fee(it's their policy/process I have no control) + you get the private presets I have for it.

And I'm considering selling the Roli Seaboard Rise 49 within the continental US, but I'm really not sure how much the shipping ect would end up being, It's just a possibility.

As I think of anything else, I'll be sure to update this thread.
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Appreciate the desire to sell AM's stuff in bulk, but if you want to sell the flutes as a separate product I would be interested. Prepared to wait to see what suits your needs best as a seller though. Thanks


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Bumping, added Addictive Drums 2.

Those of you who were interested in individual products I'll be reaching out to


I snooze... I lose! Apologies for missing that - renovations on our home meant I wasn't online as much as usual. My loss.
All the best!
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