FluffyAudio - Simple Cello - Intro Price ending soon!


Hello guys, we just wanted to announce the release of our newest shiny library:
Simple Cello!

Sampled in the same environment of Venice Modern Strings, this library aims to be a quick and useful good sounding solo cello for any kind of music! If you own or already know Simple Violin you know what we are talking about here!

It doesn't end here: Simple Cello is FREE of Venice Modern Strings users and also is at an introductory pricing of 39$/39€ till the end of this month!


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True legato? Is C the lowest note or it can go a little lower? Sounds beautiful.


  • 3+ octaves note range
  • True Legato with full sustained note after legato
  • Rebowings
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Lovely tone. Somehow it sounds a lot better than the Simple Violin, at least to my ears.

I like the concept; this addresses nearly everything I would use a solo instrument for.


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Gonna purchase.
Trusting that Simple Cello will enhance current list of solo cellos acquired over years …. topped by Tina Guo.
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Hello guys, hello Paolo

This one has a wonderfull tone. It has everything I would ever need from a cello. The big disadvantage? Why the heck didn´t you come 5 years EARLIER? ;) Unfortunately the only instrument that I already got in several great editions is the cello... and I don´t need one more.
So I immediately went back to your simple violin..only to find what Alan already stated: this cello is a lot better, at least comparing the demos. I would love if you would revise the simple violin and perhaps add a "simple viola". I also have several editions of these but each and everyone has another drawback. Funnily enough I alway use the oldest and cheapest one because it did not get lost in frills and fringes but has mostly all what I was searching: a simple violin :) So please go on and bring us a lot more "simple" editions... I love the idea and :
"I will be there" :2thumbs:


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Love me a cello, and bought it soon after I received the email. Only had a quick play along with some piano, but as stated above, a lovely, warm & natural tone and the keyswitches for Staccato, Legato, Poly Legato & Sustain articulations are really useful, making it a very versatile instrument. 4 mic perspectives too. I'm a fan of Fluffy Audio's no nonsense approach. High quality without the hype. Looking forward to creating some tracks with this new cello together with their Steinway B Scoring Piano (another gem).


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I've just watched the official video. This will definitely be on my purchase radar. I already have Simple Violin library and I really like the simplicity concept which is further expanded in this title with the availability of short articulations as well. It sounds both simple and beautiful. This will be a fine alternative to my go-to solo strings libraries (Artisan series from Spitfire Audio).


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I just try it today : a beautiful timbre, and a very natural playability, that's really impressive !
I really like the microphone position. The position really make sense in this case (most of time, I'm finding this feature not very useful)
congratulations !


Pizzicato would be "a little less Simple Cello" :D

I love challenges: here's the Max Payne thing. I added a layer of mysterious soundpad, and the 2nd repetition of the cello theme is done with a strong low cut to imitate the recording of the Max Payne theme (it's really an high passed rec, I guess that is to leave some space to the mysterious bass soundpad).

(so first time the theme sounds, it's the cello with the spot mics only and added reverb. The second time is also heavily filtered to imitate the recording).

The vibrato speed control is very useful here, because it uses the time machine. This helps not only to have a more emotional vibrato in some moments but also to "stretch" the bow to make a bit more narrow emotional bowing in the central section of the phrase.
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