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Floating Balloons [Orchestral - Film Music]


Klaatu barada nikto
Hi David,

Really appealing and positive track - and love the non-Christmas use of the sleigh bells!

I wasn't sure about the abrupt ending, but if it is for a cue I guess it would work.

Personally I think I would have had slightly softer and/or lower volume pizzicato strings, but it still works at that level.

I don't really have any further constructive comments I'm afraid - all seemed well balanced.

I'd be interested to know what library(ies) you used.



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Hi Darren,
Thank you so much! The sleigh bells, I had to put them in it !lol!

The libraries used are:
- SA Solo Strings
- SA Chamber Strings
- SA Symphonic Woodwinds
- SA Percussion
- HZ Piano
- Cineharp

I’ll do a couple of in-depth walkthrough videos on my YouTube channel in December showing you how I composed this track and how it’s mixed.
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