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Finally I can spill the beans... Samplecast #53 now LIVE


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Hello Controllers...

I've been sitting on a secret since May and this week I can finally reveal it - phew! Thanks to Toontrack I was invited to a special preview event a few months ago to hear Superior Drummer 3 in action. Since then I've been sworn to secrecy but in this week's show I can finally show you what all the fuss is about. Also this week - a full review of ambient pad designer Chordscape from Divergent Audio Group plus loads more.

This week's podcast has more info - and also features full sample library demos and much more chat. Subscribe on: iTunes | Android| RSS

Featured this week:

Superior Drummer 3 – Toontrack
Advanced Guitar Series : Mandolin – 8DIO
Second Violins – Auddict
Bosendorfer Grand Piano : Staccatos – Organic Samples
Fiedler Audio Stage – Plugin Alliance
50% OFF Stereo Savage – Plugin Boutique
$5 Percussion Mega Pack – Function Loops
Chordscape – Divergent Audio Group
Orchestral String Runs / Symphonic Sphere Updates – Orchestral Tools
The Lowdown V2 – Modwheel
Symphonic Strings Evolutions – Spitfire Audio


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TL;DR on SD3... there is not a review here... the review is still "a few weeks away" :(

I have been playing with Superior Drummer for several weeks now - in addition to the awesome previews that I got when I visited Galaxy Studios back in May. I could actually review it right now but I don't see much point in giving my opinion until it's actually released in September - plus that will give me even more time to experiment with it and make sure that it's really all it's cracked up to be.
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