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FILMS: What are you watching ?


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I just arrived from the theater and Guy is spot on. Joaquin gave a performance of a lifetime, it all felt and looked so real. I also loved the music selection throughout the film, some great classics in there.

Jimmy Hellfire

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Also looking forward to seeing that Joker movie.

Seems as if promo machinery is working exceptionally already though. You kind of get the feeling that you're supposed to think that this is a really, really controversial, edgy, uncomfortable movie that you should really have some strong opinion on.

First that weird warning from the military or whatever the heck that was, and today I read about people walking out of the theatre and not being able to finish the film and stuff.

That sounds completely ridiculous. I mean, how bad can it be? To me it sounds as if a bunch of folks out there already convinced themselves that the movie is such hard stuff and that they're gonna be super upset and dramatic about it. To me, all of this sounds manufactured.

Guess I'll know after I've seen it.


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Late to post, but certainly one of my favorite films last year. I'm surprised not many here have talked about the fact that there was no score whatsoever for this film. Some who watched only the trailer assumed this is the soundtrack, but alas, aside from the occasional ambient playing of a radio in some scenes, there was no score for this entire film.


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chernobyl score is really good, perfectly fit.

also i recently watch some good old anime, its called Monster. i really like their theme because its very haunting and beautiful at the same time.
this is the main theme

noises on

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Found this really interesting and moving... :) (on Netflix).

Ok, so we have CLive Davis to blame, for popularising Kenny Gorelick....tragic clarity on the lack of critical thinking of the masses who inflict garbage on their eardrums. Thankfully comic relief found here. '


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End of the f****** World on Netflix is really good. Just a little too much of that sing/songwriter music in season 2 for my taste

Michael Antrum

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Have you ever come across something new to you and you think to your self - How on earth have I missed this ?

A few years ago I bought a load of Blu-ray movies pretty cheaply, and amongst them was this little Italian film. I hadn't even worked out the translation of film's the name. So it sat on my shelf, still in the cellphone wrapper - and there it sat unwatched - until yesterday afternoon.

I found my self on my own with a couple of hours to spare. My wife and kids had gone out to do some Christmas shopping, whilst I stayed at home to get all the software installed on my new laptop.

So I finally got around to watching this disk. It was The Legend of 1900, and the incredible score was by Ennio Morricone. I'd heard some of the music before, but oh boy, when it was put to the picture...

I was instantly transfixed.

Several hours later I was a complete mess, the laptop forgotten as I let this beautiful film wash over me like a soft, warm blanket. If you haven't seen this movie, then do so right now.

Take the phone off the hook, lock the doors and let the world go hang while you remember what it is that cinema can be...

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