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Bridge of Spies - classic Speilberg/Tom Hanks. Tells the true story of our "swapping" spies with the USSR at the height of the Cold War in the 60s (Gary Powers for a Russian spy named Abel). The guy who played Abel won the Oscar for supporting role, but he was IMO just OK; this movie was almost all Hanks, he carried it. Very well done.

The Illusionist - Edward Norton plays a 19th century ish illusionist who gets caught up in a love triangle of sorts with the lover of his youth and a prince who's now engaged to her...and determined to destroy Norton via his right-hand man police inspector, who begins to question what is right or wrong about it all. I'm a Norton fan and really liked the premise (I'm guessing the story it's based on is a good read) but this is an uneven affair and esp sloppy/lazy at the end. Me liking Norton and the premise was enough for it not to be a waste of time, but I wouldn't call it "good," and in some ways very disappointing. If more thought and careful planning had gone into the screenplay (the directing was highly uneven too), it could have been great.


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Gotta stick for the jam at the end, sampling the sound of routine tasks building a bass guitar, with his clients jamming on that. :)

"In 2007, Randall Wyn Fullmer, an ordinary guy with a cat, decided to turn his life-long hobby into a full-out obsession. To launch his adventure he did what anyone else would do — he quit his high paying dream job at Disney, leaving behind a successful 20 year career of creating major motion pictures such as "Chicken Little" and "The Emperor's New Groove". It seemed to make so much sense at the time! With Disney in the rear-view, he launched his self-proclaimed "Mad Plan", crafting small-batch bass guitars full time."

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