Felt it was time to join the VI Community after a few years of not doing so...


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Evening folks,

My name is Ryan Barry, I'm a composer, sound designer and recording engineer from Liverpool, UK. Hope you're all doing well, staying as safe and as sane as one possibly can be with the current lock-down in effect.

Out of curiosity, how are you all finding writing and creating new stuff with the limits placed on general life? Has it affected you much? Allowed you time to reflect and think upon things in a different light? Let me know, let's chat!

Ryan Barry


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Hello Ryan and welcome to the land of everything VI. I'm not a working composer... just a retired old guy... a high school band director in a galaxy far, far away... composing just for fun, so the pandemic has had no effect on my music making. However, I can see that real hardships this creates for working musicians, composers. engineers, etc.